We need a political revolution of millions of people in this country.  .... Bernie Sanders                                 

In February, I started asking two questions:  “What is a Political Revolution?” and “What do we do AFTER the November election?” 

The answers are still in the air.  This blog presents some thoughts & commentary from the journey.  A book will be forthcoming once the dust settles, followed by ongoing coverage of the Political Revolution as it develops.  

Let's Focus on Winning the War

We just lost a battle, maybe, but we're winning the war.  Let's not muck it up.

When Hillary beat out Bernie for the nomination - by fair means or foul - and when Bernie endorsed Hillary, we lost a battle (maybe).  But we're certainly winning the war.

The critical things to note about Bernie's endorsement:
- everyone on stage was paying homage to Bernie, AND they were talking progressive policies
- Bernie's speech - where he essentially said "We're here, We Won, We're not going anywhere, and oh, by the way, I endorse Hillary for figurehead"
- The way Bernie was looking down on the speeches, from the balcony - occasionally looking rather smug and self-satisfied
- Bernie held on to his database of voters and donors (i.e., us)

And then there's the ongoing shakeup of the DNC!

Did Bernie Betray the Movement, or Is the Movement Betraying Bernie?

It seems like an awful lot of Sanders supporters are disavowing Sen. Sanders - booing at the Convention, shifting their vote to Jill Stein, etc - with many expressing the sentiment that Bernie has betrayed them.

Yet, from the beginning, Sen. Sanders has said that this is a movement, it's about Us, not Him.  He took the campaign as far as he could, losing the nomination to Hillary Clinton (for reasons fair or foul).  In the process, he's advanced our Progressive agenda, and positioned Progressives for significant power in the next Congress - if we elect a Democratic majority.

A Time to Occupy & Consolidate - Not Exit

Bernie Sanders has just accomplished three key things:

  • He's shifted the agenda of the Democratic Party back toward its Progressive roots.
  • He's shifted the discussion - it seems like everyone at the Convention was talking Progressive.  He's made it safe for Democratic candidates to be Progressive.
  • He positioned himself, and us, to positions of extreme power in the Democratic Party - by assembling a huge collection of voters & dollars that are aligned behind Progressive candidates and issues - essentially the way the Tea Party became a “party within a party” that reshaped the Republicans.  

The real question is whether enough of the “Political Revolution” will remain aligned behind Bernie, and his new organizations - so that we can elect Progressives up and down the ticket, get Progressives appointed to leadership positions in a Democrat-controlled Congress, and then make sure that those legislators pursue OUR agenda when it comes to writing & passing laws and budgets.

Continuing the Power Shift

It seems like the number of fund-raising appeals, from the DNC, the DSCC, and the DCCC has escalated in the past couple of days.

Now would seem to be the time for MoveOn, DFA, Bernie's new organizations, and BrandNewCongress to start agressively raising funds for the down-ticket --- sending a very clear message that the money is coming from Progressives.

We need to be playing the party-within-a-party game that the Tea Party has played with the Republicans. None of this "unify the party" crap - this is about making it clear that Progressives are taking back the party.

Bernie has just done a very good job of setting himself up as an éminence grise within the Democratic Party. Suddenly, everyone is talking Progressive rhetoric and policy.  It's again safe (and maybe encouraged) to talk like FDR.  

Now we need to back that up with cold hard cash - on our terms - that's what will move us from rhetoric to committee chairmanships, and progressive legislation that gets signed by the President.

Hillary Clinton may be the next figurehead for the Democratic Party - let's make sure that the real power moves into Progressive hands.

Can I Interview You in Philly?

Hi Folks,

I’m planning to be in Philadelphia for the Democratic Convention.  I hope to interview many of you while I’m there – particularly those of you who’ve organized 4Bernie groups in your communities and who’ve stood for office as Progressive challengers (both those of you who’ve won your primaries, and those who’ve lost).  What have we learned about Progressive Revolution so far?  Where are we going next?  What role do you see yourself playing?

Please give me your contact information, and any comments you care to offer now - using the form HERE.  If we can't connect in Philly, perhaps we can chat by phone or video chat.  

Thank You,

Miles Fidelman